A recap of January in Kryxivia 🏹

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4 min readFeb 6, 2023

Greetings, fellow Kryxivians! This is your resident court jester, Arthas, here to bring you the highlights of January. Buckle up for a wild ride of giggles, gasps, and “Oh my gosh!” moments. Let’s dive into the adventures, shall we?

The launch of the Beta Version — A dawn of a new era 💫

January brought with it the dawn of a new era, as the much-anticipated Beta version of the game was finally launched. With its grand new features and improved gameplay, players were transported to a world of magic and wonder.

Players were immediately drawn into the world of magic and wonder, with its breathtaking landscapes and immersive gameplay. The world was alive with activity, as gamers battled fearsome monsters and forged alliances with other players. The new version also brought with it new challenges, including tougher dungeons and more powerful bosses, but players were more than ready to take them on.

A gathering of heroes ⚔️

The Kingdom’s gates were thrown wide open in January, as more than 3,000 new players arrived, eager to embark on their own adventures and become legends in the land of Kryxivia. The arrival of so many brave heroes only added to the already soaring energy to our City.

The influx of new players brought a renewed energy to the kingdom, as old players and newcomers alike banded together to embark on new adventures and conquer challenging dungeons.

A DAU-mptuous Increase! 📈

As our players explored the new lands and undertook daring quests, the kingdom’s DAU (daily active users) rose to a staggering 350! It was a DAU-mptuous increase that had the kingdom’s court jester performing backflips in celebration.

The growth in DAU was a clear indication of the kingdom’s popularity, and everyone was excited for what was to come. The players were having an unforgettable experience, and the kingdom was flourishing like never before. The future was bright, and everyone was eager to see what new adventures awaited them.

Listing on Bitmart 📊

The kingdom’s success in the gaming industry was further solidified as it was listed on Bitmart, a highly respected exchange in the financial sector. This listing was a recognition of the kingdom’s greatness and its status as a leading player in the web3 gaming world. With this listing, our heroes were presented with even greater opportunities to develop their skills and embark on exciting new adventures.

The kingdom’s presence on Bitmart was a testament to its growing influence and impact in the gaming world, and everyone was eager to see what the future held.

A match made in NFT heaven 🤝

Our partnerships with GameTrade Market, Tofu NFT, and Morfyus transported our heroes on exciting journeys beyond the realms of the kingdom and into the magical world of NFTs. The partnerships provided our heroes with new challenges and opportunities to grow and explore, and the kingdom’s reputation as a land of wonder and adventure only continued to flourish.

A month of legends 🔥

All in all, the month of January was a month of growth, adventure, and wonder for the Kryxivia kingdom. The launch of the Beta version, the arrival of new citizens, the rise in DAU, the listing on Bitmart, and the partnerships with exciting web3 platforms all contributed to a month that will forever be remembered in the chronicle of the kingdom’s legends.

So raise a horn of mead, and let us toast to January, a month filled with wonders, adventure, and growth for the Kryxivia kingdom!



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