August Recap — Partnerships, Reviews, and Successes marked this month in the city of Kryxivia 🏰

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Another month goes by, and the city of Kryxivia is getting more and more bustling. New faces appear in taverns, the Mine is filled with excellent warriors, and partner projects have stayed with us for good! No wonder the stories about this legendary city are becoming more and more circulating, and eminent personalities of the P2E world learn about us. You could write an entire book about last month, but we will try to summarize it in a few short pages.

AMA — Transparency and building reach 🎤

Open conversation is something that not only allows you to convey a lot of exciting information but also brings communities of different projects together. In Kryxivia, we try to organize AMA with new partners for this very purpose. In August, we participated in three such events.

The first one was held in a noble group represented by a member of the IndiGG team, a platform dedicated to creating an opportunity for the NFT community to earn an income while playing video games. The partnership and the desire to discuss the future of gaming came very naturally to us! We invite you to listen to the recording on our Twitter profile.

Our second AMA was held on the lands of our partner Polygon DAO. We explored the topic of Defi and Gaming projects in web3, their future, and where it was all going. You can listen to the stimulating conversation on the Polygon DAO profile or click on the link.

The third meeting AMA was with our new strategic partner and investor, Travladd Crypto, who only works with selected projects to present to investors. The previous meeting took place with our new strategic partner and investor, Travladd Crypto, who only works with selected projects to present to investors. This partnership is an honor and an opportunity to show the quality we offer to the player.

The last but equally important community meeting at the joint Ask Me Anything session was with the NFT Trading Platform for All Things Blockchain Gaming — OctoGamex.

This meeting was devoted to exploring dungeons in the world of Kryxivia, and you can listen to it in the salad here.

Partnerships — Expedition in search of companions 🤝

Connecting with projects outside the city of Kryxivia is a vital part of your marketing strategy. Each month we work with the best of the best, which is what we achieved in August.

We established a partnership with Polemos a GameFi platform focused on Metaverse Adoption, Community Engagement & Esports Dominance. Shortly after, we concluded an agreement with IndiGG, which we wrote about above in the article. The third partnership turned out to be OctoGamex, which will also have a lot of Kryxiva NFTs on its Marketplace. And the last collaboration was with GEMS, an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem.

Each of our partners is very important to us. We select our partnerships meticulously and with the most significant benefit for our community! We are building the city of Kryxivia together!

YouTube — Reviews and much more 🎬

Last month, we also had two YouTubers who shared their review about Kryxivia with their community. The first one — @keamuplays — made two videos. The first of them discussed our game and the entire project from the perspective of a potential investor. This unique review from a very experienced expert in this field allowed us to see our project from a different perspective and with a fresh eye. His second video was mainly about the gameplay itself and getting to know the world of Kryxivi from the inside. The whole experience was a success for us, but also a nice experience for our guest from the Keamu Plays channel, where you can watch both videos.

Our next guest was Alexandrus from the well-known and liked YouTube channel of the same name, which you can visit here.

Our reviewer showed his community around the City of Kryxivia. He showcased the game’s plot, items, and all the information he found on our website. We haven’t got a gameplay video from him yet, but maybe there will also be time for that. Please see this review here.

Top 10 — Kryxivia Mentions in the P2E World 💯

The last significant point of the past month was the number of mentions about the Kryxivia Game in the P2E space. In five independent sources related to web3 gaming, our project was among the top ten recognized games.

Starting with the first mention in the Free To Earn Game Hub, which brings together a community interested in blockchain games, they placed us in Top 10 Games Gainers In 24 Hours.

A few days later, P2E Secret Hub, a space for games, investments, and entertainment, created a ranking with the same name, and here also, Kryxivia Game ranked in the top 10 games on the market.

Another ranking was created by ChainPlay.GG — One-stop Hub for Blockchain Gaming & NFTGamers — called Top gaming projects with the most engaging gameplay lists our game among other exciting titles. These mentions mean a lot to us and motivate us, even more to work on improving Kryxivia daily!

But that’s not all! Gameverse, HC — Capital, and PlayToEarnDaily list us in Most GameFi Projects with Highest Bullish Sentiment, TOP New Highlight Gaming Projects by Number of Holders, and op 10 Trending Blockchain Games of The Week. It’s great that we have appeared in so many rankings in one month. This could only happen thanks to our great and growing community living in the City of Kryxivia!

A real Gem in Kryxivia City 💎

Since we’re on the topic of our community. This month we got to know one of our warriors who contributed to great things. He not only became a game expert but also shared his discoveries with the community. We would like to thank him for his work and for helping others! On behalf of the entire Krixivia team, thank you @CryptoSensatie! (

You can visit his Twitter account and check out his tutorials of our game!



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