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The year 2022 has come to a close, and it has been a grand one for our Kingdom. Last Friday, our realm was blessed with the release of the Beta version of our game. This marks a momentous achievement for our development team and community, as we have labored tirelessly to bring to life a world filled with wonder and adventure.

Compared to the Alpha version, our Beta release is filled with improvements and new features that will make your journey through our realm even more thrilling and competitive. Our team has poured their hearts and souls into crafting a world that will be both entertaining and challenging for all who dare to enter it.

As a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, our Beta release includes all the essential elements for an epic adventure. From fearsome monsters to powerful magic, the world of Kryxivia is yours to explore. Join with friends and guildmates to conquer the dangers that await, and become a legend in our Kingdom.

We hope you enjoy the Beta version of our game, and we look forward to welcoming you to the world of Kryxivia!

Statistics 📊

The numbers have been tallied, and the results are in. Since the launch of our Beta version just one week ago, a flood of brave adventurers have flocked to our kingdom. These numbers are most encouraging and portend a prosperous future for our realm.

As of now, we have welcomed almost 1500 new players to our city, each eager to explore the wonders and dangers that await them. They come from all corners of the realm, each with their own unique tale and quest.

These numbers are but the first signs of the bright future that lies ahead for Kryxivia. We anticipate that as our game continues to grow and evolve, so too will our player base. The journey has only just begun, and we look forward to welcoming even more brave souls to our kingdom in the days to come.

Questing in Kryxivia‼️

The Beta release of our game includes a comprehensive quest system, providing adventurers with an abundance of tasks to complete. These quests are designed to test the mettle of our players, and those who emerge victorious will be rewarded.

Upon completing a quest, players will be presented with a variety of rewards such as $KXS, powerful weapons, durable armors, and valuable consumables. These rewards will aid players in their journey and help them to become stronger and more formidable in battle.

The quest system is designed to be both challenging and rewarding, providing players with a sense of accomplishment as they progress through the game. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to our realm, there is a quest for every skill level.

New NPCs 🧙‍♂️

The world of Kryxivia is now teeming with life, as we have populated the realm with a diverse cast of non-player characters (NPCs). These NPCs offer a variety of tasks and quests to players, providing them with new challenges and opportunities to grow in power and prestige.

Violet and Violen
Kryo and Kryel
Galvin and Crystalia

We are thrilled to announce that our NPCs now have voices. We have hired a team of professional artists to bring the characters to life with their unique personalities and stories. This adds an extra layer of immersion and realism to the game, making your interactions with NPCs feel even more authentic.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve included an example of one of our NPCs, Kroll.


We hope you enjoy the new voice acting and NPC’s.

Dungeons 🌋

The Beta release of our game also includes a series of challenging new dungeons, filled with powerful bosses and terrifying monsters for players to defeat. These dungeons offer a variety of challenges and rewards, providing players with new opportunities to test their skills and earn valuable loot.

We have included new mobs and monsters, each with unique abilities and mechanics to keep players on their toes.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve included a video of some of the mobs in action.

We’ve also included videos of the fire and water themed dungeons.

These dungeons are designed to be both challenging and rewarding, providing players with a sense of accomplishment as they progress through the game.

So, gather your guildmates, sharpen your weapons and set out on your journey. The dungeons of Kryxivia await!

Professions 🌿

The Beta release of our game now allows players to learn and master two professions at the same time among Herbalism, Skinning, and Mining.

Each profession has its own skill tree, in which players can progress by gaining XP through performing actions related to that profession, such as mining, skinning, or collecting plants and flowers. This will give players more flexibility and options to specialize in their chosen profession and become true masters of their trade.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve included a video of one of our players mining in the game.

We will be releasing more detailed gameplay videos later this month that will explain the functioning and leveling of the professions in more detail.

We hope you enjoy the new profession system, and we can’t wait to see you master your chosen trade in the world of Kryxivia!

Crafting 🧪

In addition to the profession system, the Beta release of our game has also introduced a crafting system. With this system, players can create a wide range of items, including weapons, armor, potions, and elixirs, by experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. This allows players to tailor their equipment to their playing style and gives them more control over their character’s development.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve included a video of the crafting system in action.

Furthermore, the new profession system has been expanded to include additional trades such as blacksmith, alchemist, and enchanter. These new professions will allow players to craft higher-level equipment and more powerful items.

The merchant in town no longer sells potions but instead, provide resources to craft them and other items.

We will also be releasing detailed gameplay videos later this month that will explain the complete functioning of the crafting system.

New armor sets! 🛡

As if the profession system and crafting system weren’t enough, the Beta release of our game also includes a wide variety of new armor sets (19 in total!), weapons, consumables, spells, and more. Each piece of equipment has its own unique look and feel, and players will have plenty of options to choose from as they progress through the game.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve included a video showcasing some of the new armor sets.

The item enchantment system is now fully operational, allowing players to further customize their equipment by adding special effects and bonuses. Feel free to visit the enchanter in town to enchant your items and make them even more powerful.

NFTs 🔮

The Beta release of our game also includes the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the Polygon network, providing players with an additional level of true ownership and liquidity for their in-game assets. These NFTs will be available on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace platform, where players can buy, sell, and trade their items with others.

Players can now see some of the NFTs that we have integrated with Polygon, such as unique weapons, armor sets, consumables, and even spells. These NFTs are one-of-a-kind items that can’t be replicated or replicated, making them highly sought-after and valuable.

This integration of NFTs provides players with an added layer of ownership and control over their in-game assets, allowing them to invest in their characters and the game itself. It also creates a new level of liquidity for players, who can now trade their items freely on the open market.

Partnerships 🤝

The Beta release of Kryxivia also marks the beginning of several partnerships aimed at growing the game’s reach and popularity. We have established a collaboration with GameSwift, a game launcher built on Polygon, to run a campaign together and attract even more players to the game. The partnership with GameSwift will provide a unique opportunity for players to easily access and play Kryxivia, further increasing its reach and popularity.

We have also established new collaborations with several gaming guilds, who are eagerly anticipating the launch of the game. These guilds will help to promote and grow the game’s community, providing a supportive and engaged player base for the game to thrive.

We are excited to announce that we are working closely with Polygon to enhance the marketing of our game. We believe that their expertise in the industry will help us to reach a wider audience and create an even more immersive experience for our players. We are looking forward to the collaboration and are confident that it will lead to great success for our game.

Two weeks after the beta release of the game, a Twitch event will be held with DataDash to provide players with a closer look at the game and give them an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. The event will also serve as a way to create buzz and generate more anticipation for the official release of the game.

UI improvements 🖥

The Beta release also includes a variety of UI improvements to enhance the player’s experience. One of the main improvements is the new title screen, which features a more vibrant and dynamic design, giving players a sense of immersion and excitement before even starting the game.

Another UI improvement is the detailed inventory system, where players can see a preview of their equipped gear, making it easier to manage and customize their characters. The inventory also includes new sorting and filtering options, allowing players to quickly find the items they need.

Minimap of the town full of gamers ❤

What’s to come? 👀

The Beta release of Kryxivia is just the beginning of what’s to come. Here are a few exciting new features that are in the works:

PVP: A PVP arena will soon be available directly in town. Players will be able to compete directly against each other without going through the PVP lobby. They will also be able to bet $KXS that will be earned by the winner of the fight.

Full integration of $KXS: The $KXS will soon be tradeable so that all the $KXS earned during the BETA can be sold in the future and make money for the players. We are thinking of a way to reward players who participate in the Beta and earn $KXS on a daily basis. There will certainly be an airdrop and a potential whitelist participation for $KXS holders in the future IDO. More details to come soon!

Series of tutorial videos and articles: All the new features of the Beta version of Kryxivia will be the subject of tutorial videos and articles to help newcomers to the city!

We are committed to continue improving the game and providing a fun and engaging experience for our players.

Keep an eye out for more updates and features in the future.



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