Crafting the Dragon Aegis Shield: Unleash your inner Dragon Slayer! 🛡

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3 min readMay 28, 2023

Greetings, brave adventurers of Kryxivia! Are you prepared to forge the Dragon Aegis Shield? This endgame masterpiece will not only grant you unparalleled protection but also pave the way for your triumph over the most formidable bosses in the realm.

Ingredients for the Dragon Aegis Shield:

  • Rare Blue Catalyst Atesgol recipe for Dragon Aegis Shield
  • 4 Mythril Ingots
  • 4 Magmasteel Ingots
  • 6 Hardened Dragon Scales
  • 2 Ancient Leather

Rare Blue Catalyst Atesgol Recipe: This elusive blueprint holds the secret to unlocking the shield’s true potential. You can acquire this valuable recipe by killing Atesgol on Blue Catalyst level. Only then can you harness its power in your crafting endeavors.

4 Mythril Ingots: Venture deep into the treacherous dungeons of Melucyna or Atesgol to obtain the invaluable Mythril Nodes. These mystical nodes, when combined with blazing ore, hold the essence of pure strength and resilience. Melt the blazing ore, imbue it with the power of the Mythril Nodes, and forge the legendary Mythril Ingots that will fortify your Dragon Aegis Shield.

4 Magmasteel Ingots: To create 4 potent ingots, you shall require 8 steel bars, 16 blazing ores, and 4 lesser fire cores. The steel bars, crafted from the combination of iron and coal found in the dungeons of Alde, Valtrena, and K1 Rig, provide the sturdy foundation. Combine these with the blazing ores and lesser fire core, and let the fires of the forge transmute them into the fiery essence of the Magmasteel Ingots.

6 Hardened Dragon Scales: Summon your courage and prepare to face the fearsome Atesgol! To obtain the coveted hardened dragon scales, you must defeat this mighty dragon not once, not twice, but twelve times! Each time you beat Atesgol, take two of his regular scales and combine them with a chaotic fire core, a semi-rare drop from the dungeons of Alde and Valtrena. Through this alchemical union, the scales gain impenetrable strength and become the foundation of your Dragon Aegis Shield.

2 Ancient Leather: Journey into the perilous realms of Melucyna and Atesgol dungeons, where fearsome raptors roam. Engage these formidable creatures in battle, for within their hides lies the key to crafting the ancient leather. Defeat the raptors and claim their ancient hide parts, collecting a total of six. Through careful craftsmanship, convert these hide parts into two precious pieces of ancient leather. These leathery treasures will add both durability and elegance to your Dragon Aegis Shield.

Forging Process:

  1. Gather the required resources, including the rare Blue Catalyst Atesgol recipe, 4 Mythril Ingots, 4 Magmasteel Ingots, 6 Hardened Dragon Scales, and 2 Ancient Leather.
  2. Head to the forge located in the heart of the city.
  3. Follow the instructions provided by the Blue Catalyst Atesgol recipe.
  4. Combine the 4 Mythril Ingots, 4 Magmasteel Ingots, 6 Hardened Dragon Scales, and 2 Ancient Leather.
  5. Utilize the intense heat and expert craftsmanship of the forge to shape and meld the materials together.
  6. Hammer, mold, and shape the materials until they transform into the magnificent Dragon Aegis Shield.
  7. Marvel at the splendor and power of your newly crafted shield.
  8. Hold the Dragon Aegis Shield aloft, ready to face the most formidable challenges that await you in Kryxivia.

With the completion of these steps, you have successfully forged the Dragon Aegis Shield, a testament to your skill and bravery. May it serve you well in your battles and bring you victory!



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