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Are my tokens SAFU? What does it mean to us? Below is a short note from the Council to all Citizens of Kryxivia City 📄

Dear Citizens of the City of Kryxivia, a greeting to you from court writer Artas.
I come to you with long-awaited news from the City Council! 👑

For several weeks now, you could see the commotion — both in the court and in the corners of the streets you could hear whispers of the mighty and the citizens.

Why the stir? Well, the City Council has decided to change the operator that takes care of the security of your tokens and digital assets stored in the court vault.

The goal behind this is to keep our residents as satisfied as possible and to be able to reach out to new people who might join our constantly growing community.

The City of Kryxivia is always open to new explorers who would like to try their luck in the dangerous battles against the monsters hiding in the depths of our mine.
At the depths of the caves, a variety of precious gems and treasures await you, which you can then trade in our auction house, located in the Town Marketplace 🏦

Benefits behind that decision 🎁

On December 5, 2022, Kryxivia will change the current main Binance Smart Chain to the Ethereum Network, as more transactions take place on the ETH network and to eliminate the bots that continuously manipulate the price of our token.

What does this change mean for the residents holding their digital goods and tokens on the current chain?

The current Kryxivia BNB Chain contract will be replicated and implemented on the ETH network.
Our talented developers worked on this solution for several months to ensure the most comfortable and smooth transition from one chain to another.

Citizens of Kryxivia will be able to connect their wallets and apply for tokens on the new network.
The solution also allows you to use Polygon as a second chain, so you will be able to create your own in-game assets in line with your professions and then trade them in the auction house.

Imagine all the armor you will be able to craft together with your friends in the unquenchable fire in the forge. Perhaps you dream of learning the secret recipes of Alchemists to create your own magical potions that will enhance your skills in fighting the cavernous monsters. Near the town, you’ll find plants in vast clearings from which you can make deadly poisons and healing ointments for the wounded 🧪

Are there builders among us? The City of Kryxivia is steadily growing and we need hands to continue working on new buildings. At the beginning of next year, we plan to create a square where weekly meetings of the City Council and our dedicated citizens will be held. Each of you will be able to try your hand and cut down century-old trees or help us extract the necessary ores and raw materials 🪵

All this will be possible through integration with Polygon! Creating of new goods has never been so easy as through their technology.

Probably many of you are asking yourselves what benefits the transition to Ethereum will bring and what long-term impact it will have on the further development of our city.

First of all, Ethereum is known for its many wealthy merchants, who will get a unique opportunity to open their stalls in our unique land — Kryxivia, where magic can be felt at every turn. Together with them, we want to create a dream city where adventure-seeking wanderers from all over the world will come to.

In addition, the ETH network will give us the stability we so desperately need in these difficult times. We want the City’ residents to be able to feel inner peace without worrying about the safety of their tokens and digital assets

TL;DR: How to bridge and claim your tokens? 🗝

  1. Visit our website at
  2. Then sign in with your MetaMask.
  3. When you successfully log in through your MetaMask in the upper right corner you will see how many tokens you have on your wallet.
  4. Click on the “Bridge” icon to start the process of transferring your tokens.
  5. Enter how many tokens you intend to transfer to the ETH network and click “Bridge to ETH”.
  6. You will receive a notification from MetaMask about the pending transaction. Click confirm.
  7. When the transaction is successful, a message highlighted in green will appear on the screen. Your tokens have been transferred to the Ethereum network.
  1. Click on the MetaMask icon. Now you need to change the network to Ethereum.
  2. Then you will see how many tokens you have available on the ETH network.
  3. Next, click “Claim KXA”.
  4. You will see a message from MetaMask to confirm the transaction. Click confirm.
  5. Wait for a while. A message marked in green about the success of the transaction will appear on the screen again. You have claimed your tokens on ETH!
  6. The last step will be to add the address of the KXA contract on ETH in MetaMask.

It’s that simple! 🤜🤛

Your tokens are SAFU! See you in the Kryxivia City! 🏰



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