How to craft the Magmasteel Sword of your dreams in Kryxivia? 🔥

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3 min readMay 18, 2023

Are you ready to embark on an epic quest to create the Magmasteel Sword of your dreams? Brace yourself, for this mighty weapon will aid you in conquering the toughest bosses that Kryxivia has to offer. So, grab your crafting tools and let’s dive into the fantastical world of swordsmithing!

To forge the legendary Magmasteel Sword, you’ll need a few precious resources to infuse it with power and strength. Here’s what you’ll require on this awe-inspiring journey:

  1. Rare Blue Catalyst Atesgol Recipe: Seek out this elusive recipe, for it holds the secret to unlocking the sword’s true potential.
  2. 6 Steel Bars: These bars are the backbone of your mighty weapon. To create them, you must gather 12 iron and 12 coal. Venture into the treacherous depths of Alde’s dungeon or explore the mysterious caverns of Melucyna to acquire the much-needed iron. As for coal, you can easily find it in the towns of Alde, Valtrena, and K1 Rig.
  3. 1 Good Leather: Seek out this fine piece of leather, known for its quality and durability, in the dungeon of Valtrena. Combine one good leather hide with a pinch of salt to bring forth its full potential.
  4. 1 Gold Bar: The crown jewel of your creation! To fashion a gold bar, you’ll need to secure one coal and one precious gold ore. With these treasures in hand, you’ll possess the key to unlock the sword’s radiant power.

Once you have gathered all the necessary resources, head to the forge located in the heart of the city. This is where the magic happens!

Now, if you’re looking to elevate your sword’s stats and truly customize it to your liking, consider adding modifiers. These enchantments can enhance your critical strikes or bolster your physical armor, providing an extra edge in battle. The choice is yours, dear adventurer, as you embark on this creative endeavor.

Oh, and here’s a cheeky secret for you: If you ever decide to part ways with your beloved Magmasteel Sword, you can actually sell it on the legendary marketplace known as OpenSea and earn some real-world treasures! That’s right, your virtual creation can turn into cold, hard cash. So, forge away and unleash your creativity!



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