Kryxivia Monthly Recap

With Bitcoin down 40% on the month and other major players in the cryptocurrency market coming apart at the seams, June was objectively one of the worst months ever for crypto. For us at Kryxivia, who set out with the bold ambition of building a blockchain-based MMORPG backed by multiple cryptocurrencies and NFTs, we knew we were going to have to be in this for the long haul — and that we are.

As such, what happens day to day, week to week and even month to month in the market isn’t all that important to us. What is important to us, however, is building a great, captivating game that stands out as an industry-leading MMORPG, and not just one that relies on P2E mechanics to maintain its player base.

In June, we were all hands on deck at Kryxivia HQ building our game and engaging our awesome community at every step in that process. Outside of our developmental updates — which we share regularly on our Discord — we hit some really exciting milestones this month.

Let’s dive into each of these updates now in the first installment of our monthly recaps 💫

Alpha Test: ROUND 3

We announced our third-round alpha test and sent a Gform out to our community to fill out for a chance at being whitelisted as testers. With some awesome prizes $KXA going out to some lucky testers for their contributions to the future of the game, we were able to draw closer to our full public release.

As a result, at the end of June we were able to proudly announce the official date of our alpha public test as 22nd July.

Get ready, Kryxivians 🗡

Website revamp

With the growth of the game as well as our community, we decided to dedicate some resources to giving our logo and website a facelift to match. If you haven’t already, head on over to to check out our fresh new look.

PVP announcement

Player versus Player is coming with Kryxivia’s alpha public test launch next month. As part of this, we’ll be hosting a prestigious PVP tournament with prizes and, more importantly, glory on the line. As part of the tournament, Kryxivia’s top fighters will find their names displayed on our new website on the Kryxivia leaderboard next month.

Kroll design

The great warrior and leader of the Adventurers’ Guild, Kroll, is making his triumphant return to Kryxivia with an all-new facelift. How he looks upon his return is something we’ve handed over to the community to decide.

If you haven’t already cast your vote on one of the awesome three design options for Kroll, head over to our Discord now to vote.

New partnerships

We forged some incredible long-term partnerships in June, beginning with the influential Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA). Evangelists for everything blockchain and crypto gaming related and supporters of P2E gaming studios, BGA will be an invaluable partner for Kryxivia as we move forward with our development. And with the likes of Animoca, Ubisoft, AMD and many more already BGA members, we’re certainly in good company in BGA’s incredible network.

Our other major June partnership was with the innovative MOBA/RPG P2E hybrid, Fight of the Ages (FOTA). As part of this exciting partnership, we are working on integrating some of FOTA’s fearsome bosses into the Kryxivia universe, as well as bringing some of our own into FOTA’s.

Connecting our two universes is just the beginning of this strategic partnership, and we have a lot more exciting ideas on how it may develop in the future.

New team members

We welcomed new team members to our team including our incredible new CMO who’s already very much proven her value in June: Olga Kubalińska! Olga has more than 5 years of experience as a marketer who builds meaningful brands, and as a graduate in PR and branding, she thrives in the realms of social media and community management. We’re excited to see her develop the Kryxivia brand and bring new players, community members and investors to Kryxivia.

We also hired new copywriters to help us spread the word about Kryxivia, strengthen our communications with our community and spearhead our revamped social media presence 💫

The Fractions of Kryxivia

We revealed the three fractions of Kryxivia in June: the Adventurers, the Merchants and the Nomads.

Adventures are a proud fraction of fighters led by the natural-born warrior, Kroll. Merchants use their strategic prowess in negotiation and believe that battle can be both won and avoided with words — and if not words, money. Nomads are people of the forest, who can harness the power of the natural universe to aid them in battle against those who seek to destroy its beauty.

Building Kryxivia

June was busy, and July will be busier. We have some amazing things coming your way Kryxivians, so stay tuned to all of our socials for updates as they arrive. See you in the mine ⛏

The Kryxivia Team



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