NFT Viewer App Launch & Alpha Release Update

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2 min readJan 18, 2022


Thank you for your support in the recent weeks.

Users selected for early alpha access can now Mint and View their NFTs on NFT Viewer App:

We announced Alpha Early Access & NFT Rewards where you could stake your KXA tokens and get to be a part of our Pre alpha access with NFT rewards.

We’re now happy to announce that our Alpha Early Access for the game is about the corner along with the NFTs ready to be minted. Whitelisted users will now be contacted by Kryxivia team for the next steps. We’ll soon also announce more whitelist users and our upcoming Mystery Box Sale on BakerySwap.

How to Register for the Alpha If You’re Whitelisted?

Head onto, connect your wallet.

Fill in the required details, you’ll be contacted by the Kryxivia team for further communication.

You can track from
And mint your firework NFT on
You will get one tier randomly on the 1000 batch of NFTs!

We will be whitelisting more people in the coming weeks, please stay updated for announcements from our official handles:





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