November — a month of BUIDLers! 🔨

Dear Citizens, Artas greets you again.

This time I come to you with a monthly summary of events in our city.

What caused the biggest excitement? With whom did we reach an agreement? If you are curious, I invite you to read a few pages from the diary of the City of Kryxivia.

At the beginning of each month, as you have already noticed, we try to sum up what has been happening in our city recently and how much has changed during this period.

The City of Kryxivia is home to 45k Citizens! 🏘

During the recent population census underway in our city, we were able to determine that Kryxivia has become home to more than 45,000 residents! We did not expect so many people to become part of this wonderful community, and we are extremely thankful to you! This is just the beginning of the expansion of our city. We hope that at the next census there will already be 100 thousand of us! Every day more wanderers are coming to the city, if you are still wondering don’t hesitate! Amazing adventures await you. As a court writer, I will vouch for it with my hand!

City Council rises 👑

Two new members joined the City Council in November. Many of you have already had the opportunity to meet them in person, while some are still waiting for that moment.

One of these people is the brave warrior Scott, who makes sure to spread the word about our city to the world on a regular basis every day. The other is WhaleCoinTalk, who has taken on the mission of educating our residents about the latest trends.

But there is someone else…

Someone who has always cared about the affairs of our city and put its welfare above his own.

Guss has agreed to take on the position of Governor of Kryxivia. We are extremely happy and proud to have people like him on the Royal Council.

Weekly Council Meetings 💌

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend the weekly city council meetings yet, I encourage you to join. Every week, new news about the development of the city, plans for the coming months and you can expect the creation of a DAO for our residents in the near future. Pay attention to the information that will be published.

New allies 🏹

In order for our city to grow successively, we must make an alliance with other lands. This month we strengthened ties with Voxel X which is positioned to become the leading provider of community-run technological platforms for thousands of projects in the emerging NFT, GameFi & Metaverse space.

Last but not least…ETH bridge! 💣

In November, we officially announced the transfer of Kryxivia tokens to the Ethereum network. Who of you is also looking forward to this event? This is a very important moment for all of us because soon you will also be able to see your armor, swords or magic potions in the OpenSea Auction House thanks to our partner Polygon! Let’s count down the days until December 5!



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