September recap — New patch and a new path outlined with the roadmap 🚀

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5 min readOct 7, 2022

Welcome, Kryxivians, to the monthly recap for September! Following our massive August filled with partnerships and announcements, the team spent the month consolidating our development, roadmap and preparing for the upcoming quarter.

That’s not to say nothing happened on the project and game side — we had some fantastic partnerships, and Twitter was full of activity. Our team updated the project’s roadmap and our near- and long-term development goals.

Partnerships and collaborations 🤝

We didn’t slow down after our massive collaborations and strategic partnerships with Polemos, IndiGG, OctoGamex, and GEMS in August. We started with a strategic alliance with Quest: Citizens on September 1st!

As part of our partnership, we had a WL giveaway and some OG spots for Kryxivians.

Our next partnership with Get Set Play, a DAO-Powered Esports, and Streaming Multiverse, was announced just 24 hours later on September 2nd! That strategic partnership came with a lot of utilities. The first is that streamers of Kryxivia will be able to stream their gameplay live on GSP Stream and host Kryxivia tournaments in GSP Arena. Next gives live streams, and PvP tournament players strategically targeted promotion toward a blockchain gaming audience. Additionally, Kryxivia streamers will receive full access to the GSP Stream platform, allowing them to connect with the passionate viewers and gamers who make up the Get Set Play community. If you would like to read an entire article about our partnership and the benefits that comes with it, click here.

Our next stop was a partnership with Human Divergence, an immersive role-playing game using blockchain technology. We have the same passion for building a blockchain brand for the community and being powered by a community.

To make a big step in building the future of our game, we partnered with Double Protocol, the project that enables the lending and renting of in-game and in-metaverse NFTs.

The last partnership of the month focused on introducing our game to a project with a massive community. We had the pleasure of partnering up with Tap Fantasy, an MMORPG blockchain game visited by 150K users!

Each of these partnerships is important to us from a strategic point of view and the opportunity to exchange experiences and talk constructively about our projects’ future.

Kryxivia Game Patch 0.7 🛠

In the second week of September, we introduced Patch 0.7 of Kryxivia Games, in which we introduced additional characters, spells, changes to the inventory, and the possibility of viewing it. We also implemented changes to the UI and other major or minor cosmetic and game mechanics changes. If you want to see the complete list of changes, we invite you to read the article devoted entirely to Patch 0.7.

Top 10 mentions in the P2E world 🌎

Kryxivia Game’s popularity in the P2E space is a notable point in the past month. Five independent sources recognised our project as one of the top ten Web3 games in different categories.

Starting with the first mention in HC Capital — Crypto Research, Trading and Communities platform, we were highlighted in the category — “Gaming Projects by Number of Holders.”

Second, the same category was given to Kryxivia by Astrapedia, which only confirmed the first ranking.

Quora Inner Circle mentioned us as one of the “Top trending NFT crypto games on BNBChain by 24h volume.”

We close this list with two mentions from Beng Beng Gaming, which in the first place distinguishes us as “Top New Notable Gaming Projects By Number Of Holders” and then as “HOTTEST GAMES BY GENRE CATEGORY” — MMORPG category.

Knowing that we would not have achieved anything of this without our wonderful community, we would like to thank you for your support, trust, and time that we spent together in the City of Kryxivia.

Q4 2022 Roadmap 💥

We shared the new roadmap version for this quarter on the last day of the month. Thereby, on this day, we started a weekly reveal that will run for three weeks. That will allow us to unveil the revamped Roadmap for the next 12 months at intervals that will enable our community to read and discuss changes with the Kryxivia Team. At the same time, we launched a weekly community AMA run as Twitter Spaces. They take place every Thursday at 4 PM UTC. If you couldn’t attend the series’ first meeting, you can listen to it here. The new Roadmap shows significant changes, such as transferring KXA liquidity from the BNB chain to ETH or cross-chain a solution for NFTs for Polygon/BSC. We mention the Beta Launch on the ETH chain and many other points that will significantly impact the project’s development. The Kryxivia team created a solid foundation for the possibility of developing and scaling the game and gaining new small and large investors.

Of course, Weekly Roadmap reveals and Twitter Spaces isn’t the only thing to look forward to in October. More partnerships, giveaways, and tournaments await as we progress into Q4. As always, make sure you’re following all our channels for the latest news from Kryxivia 🔥



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