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2 min readOct 24, 2022

Legend has it that there were three beings with extraordinary powers in ancient times. No one knows where they came from or how they arrived in this world, and no one suspects the changes they would bring to it.

We have already had the pleasure of reading passages from the history related to the goddess Via. A magical and immortal being who knew people and all their cares and who stumbled upon the earth centuries ago. Today we delve deeper into the story of the oldest of the three gods. This is how Kry is described — “… The eldest of the gods named Kry, made of strength, courage, and determination …”

As you will see in the excerpt from the book, Kry is a figure of considerable size whose prominence made the greatest blacksmiths and builders envious. For they were known for their strength and skill.

The references do not mention the time when his first appearance was recorded. It is only known that this took place long before the first visits of the goddess Via.

“…Kry could be what we humans call a god, a deity. He possesses an immeasurable zeal, and with the strength of his fists alone, he can build mountains, tirelessly shattering the ground, creating dizzying heights and frightening precipices… thus building a world of relief.

Idolised by the men, some decided to follow him, praising his charisma and uprightness. He guided them and taught them determination and effort. Together they built a fantastic city with a massive wall built around it. The buildings were made of solid wood — Aulne. They named the town of Kryall, which meant courage, honor, and strength. However, Kry did not stay in the city too long. Under cover of night, he seemed to disappear into thin air without a trace. Nobody saw him leave town. His future history remains unclear. In the weeks and months after leaving the city, people who came to Kryall talked about a great strong teacher who passed on his knowledge and taught people about building craft, courage, and life…”

In the book, we found different stories about the shared adventures of Kry, Xi, and Via. Unfortunately, we have not found anything more to tell us about the god Kry himself. However, we do not give up, and we do not stop searching. In recent months, more books have been found in the city of Kryall. According to their rightful holder, who died decades ago, these books contain the stories of all three gods.



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