The gates of the kingdom have been open — July recap ⚔️

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5 min readAug 7, 2022


Before this beautiful and shiny sword was created, it was handed over to a blacksmith as a lump of iron. We, like this blacksmith, will start from the beginning and check what elements allowed us to forge this unique weapon. In other words — Let’s see what happened in July!

Strategic partnerships 🤝

What a month in the Kingdom of Kryxivia! It will go down in not only our history but also the history of Web3 and P2E forever.

We opened the month by forging a strong partnership with ChainPlay, one-stop hub for #BlockchainGaming & #NFTGamers. We plan to develop dynamically, so establishing this cooperation was essential. As we are already on the topic of partnerships, we must admit to ourselves and you that July was exceptionally successful. We have formed not one, not two, but eight crucial and strategic partnerships!

Each partnership that the Kingdom of Kryxivia enters is carefully thought out and balanced. It’s an art like wielding a sword, which is why DjinnGuild was next on our list. Their great team is building a gaming community that brings gamers together to nurture talents, earn, and enjoy the fun of gaming. Our wish, fulfilled by Djinn, was to join forces and the communities in the fight for the future of Web3 gaming.

We are very proud of this particular partnership. The description on their Twitter says, “Supporting the best Web3 projects”! We are talking about none other than Polygon Studios, a giant supported by a community of almost 2 million.

All partners deserve a thick book written about them and their merits. We will only mention their mission, but we encourage you to visit their kingdoms.

Magnificent gDEX shares our belief that the future of Metaverse belongs to the inhibiting communities. The talented team at MetaCombine creates the LinkedIn of GameFi!

The teachers at Quest Gamers are up to the challenge to give you the best NFT knowledge. Robin Hoods of Web3 IndiGG provides us with an opportunity to earn an income while playing video games, and that’s something we love! And last but not least, in July, MetalCore, the team behind the mechanised combat game built on the blockchain.

Forging NFTs in the Kingdom of Kryxivia is pure pleasure in such a noble company!

Website revamp 💻

Building the Kingdom of Kryxivia involves not only pushing forward and tearing through the mines in search of valuable crystals. Sometimes we must stop and reflect on whether the things created before need to be changed. This also happened with our website, which was the project’s façade. We wanted to make a new and stylish robe that would welcome daredevils who come to the Kingdom of Kryxivia in a dignified and honourable way! Judging by the response from the community, we have successfully accomplished this!

Community vote 🗳

Many beautiful things in our Kingdom catch the eye and arouse the desire to obtain. However, as a Team, we know that the most valuable gem is not Kryxit but our community. That is why we want you to build the future of our Kingdom with us. In July alone, there were four community votes on the design of upcoming characters! If you don’t remember which ones we voted for and selected, we share them here.

PC Windows test version 🛠

Our team consists of magicians responsible for the code. Writers who describe the world of Kryxivia. Blacksmiths who give design to these descriptions, knights defending the community, strategists building plans for the future, and many other wonderful residents who are a massive part of the entire project. Therefore, appreciating their work, trials and strategic planning are made without the army’s involvement before great battles. These actions are performed to check that everything is polished like armor before a fight.

A few weeks back, Kryxivia decided to let in a small community group to test the PC (Windows) version of the game. The feedback we received and the materials collected by the testers allowed us to prepare better and polish some elements.

Public Alpha giveaway 1,000,000 $KXA 💎

When the grand opening of the Kingdom gates approaches, daredevils, who want to take up the challenges lurking in it flock from all corners of the world. To make their journey more pleasant and encourage their horses to gallop, the Kryxivia team decided to share the loot collected so far. The unbelievable 1,000,000 $KXA has been placed in a pot that is still being split among the active players! If you still haven’t made it into the mines where the bosses are hiding, sharpen your sword and arrows. Chests previously full of $ KXA are losing weight every day!

The Alpha launch! 🎉

The gates could not withstand the pressure of the crowds approaching the Kingdom of Kryxivia! Exactly July 25, a few thousand warriors, ready to fight with the bosses, ran into the royal courtyard! Fortunately, the castle square is prepared to accommodate all travellers and their companions. The Kingdom was put to a great test on this critical and glorious day. An ordeal not only endured but also showed thousands of people that Kryxivia is here to stay! We owe this success primarily to the community, thanks to which we are here and thanks to which we can continue to build! ✨



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