The month of triumphs: A recap of Kryxivia’s April achievements 🏆

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4 min readMay 7, 2023


Greetings, noble citizens of Kryxivia! Let the tales of the glorious month of April be known to all the good people of Kryxivia.

Staking option finally available for Kryxivia’s holders with up to 10% APR! 💰

The month began with great news as we finally released the long-awaited staking option for our esteemed holders. Those who seek to maximize their earnings can now stake their tokens with a generous 5% APR for non-locked tokens and a remarkable 10% for those who lock them for three months. Rejoice, for this is a great opportunity for all those who wish to reap the rewards of their investments.

Kryxivia welcomes over 8000 Adventurers to the realm as Spring arrives! 🏹

As the sun shone down upon our lands, we welcomed over 8000 brave adventurers to our realm. May the blessings of the gaming gods bring even more noble souls to our kingdom in the coming month, for the greater the community, the greater the glory of Kryxivia.

A milestone of devotion: Our community stakes over 50 million tokens in Kryxivia 🔥

Speaking of our community, we are elated to announce that they have staked over 50 million tokens in our realm! This is a true testament to the unwavering faith and devotion that our community has in us, and we are humbled by their unwavering support.

Alliances and partnerships: Kryxivia expands its reach through Unitbox and OKX 🤝

But that’s not all, for we have also formed an alliance with Unitbox, a rental platform for NFTs, and soon our NFTs will be available on their platform. In addition, we have partnered with OKX and implemented their multi-chain wallet on our website, in a bid to broaden the adoption of our beloved game.

Sharing the secrets of Kryxivia 🤫

As always, we have been sharing tips and tricks with our beloved community, providing them with the guidance they need to navigate the treacherous dungeons of Kryxivia. We have released a plethora of articles and videos, chock-full of guides to help our fellow adventurers conquer the deadliest challenges and emerge victorious.

Teasing the excitement: A glimpse into the new features of Kryxivia’s upcoming patch ⚔️

But the excitement does not stop there! As we prepare for our new patch, we have teased our community with some of the new features that they can expect. Will it be the new mailing system, or the increased drop rate in dungeons when you’re with your squad? We eagerly await your thoughts, dear reader, for it is our community’s enthusiasm that drives us to strive for excellence.

The momentous Townhall Meeting: Unveiling the big secret to our beloved community ❤️

Last but not least, we held a grand Townhall meeting at the end of the month, where we unveiled a big secret to our community. Do you recall what it was, dear reader? It was a momentous occasion indeed, and we are honored to have shared it with our beloved supporters.

As we bid adieu to the month of April, we look ahead with excitement to what May may bring. Will there be new challenges to face, new alliances to forge, or even new mysteries to uncover? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain — the adventure never ends in Kryxivia! So, raise your swords high, dear readers, and join us in our quest for eternal glory!



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