The Waves of Melucyna 🌊

The visitors, warriors, merchants, and lost people who find themselves in the city of Kryxivia always admire its beauty. It is situated on a mountain slope and surrounded by forests and an abundance of nature. In the town itself, whose streets meander in a circle, you can find many taverns, a blacksmith, and many places that allow warriors to manage the property acquired in the Mine.

People walking along the cobbled streets of Kryxivia often pass the fountain in the central courtyard. The water flowing in it is believed to have magical properties that can heal even a seriously wounded warrior. However, a different story is connected with the water flowing into the fountain. It is written on sheets loosely tucked into a very worn-out by-time book. The fragment tells about an old Englishman who came to Kryxivia city with his ravishing wife.

“…Her beauty knew no bounds. Melucyna, because that was her name, came to town with her husband, an elderly and rich Englishman. He paid no attention to her beauty. He was only interested in wealth, saying, “I am like Beowulf, who will not only take everything but also kill the monsters!”. Their stay did not last long. The Englishman set off for the Mine with five companions armed to the tops of their heads, barely carrying all the equipment. No trace of them was found. His wife cried in despair in the city center for two days and two nights. On the morning of the third day, she vanished. In the place where she was kneeling and weeping, there stood a fountain decorated and beautiful like her. Shortly after, the warriors began talking about a being in the Mine. As beautiful as Kryxit himself but as deadly as the rest of the monsters. Most likely, Melucyna’s tears led her to the Mine, where she protects the gems from her husband’s likes…”

Although there is no exact knowledge of what happened with Melucyna that night, many people feel that the story written in the book must have some grain of truth. Every year on the day of her disappearance, a woman’s sobbing is heard from the Mine. This reminds the Kryxivians of the incident and the dangers lurking in the Mine.

Many books have yet to be restored, and many corridors have yet to be discovered. Some passageways are blocked with stones, and some have been flooded with water. The Mine in Kryxivia hides many secrets, some of which we do not know yet. Anyone who dreams of gaining wealth and glory by tearing out Kryxit and defeating the monsters is in great danger! So far, apart from today’s Boss, we have met:

Who will meet the next monster and live to tell Sage the tale?



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