Via. The goddess of the Kryxivia world 🧝‍♀️

An eternal question asked by people remains unanswered to this day. How was the world created? Who made it? Is there a God?

Some in the world of Kryxivia thought they knew the answer. In the books they found, which they brought to the temple of the magician to be read, they found information about the gods who created Kryxivia. According to the footnotes, there were three divinities. Kry, Xi, and Via. Today we will take a closer look at one — Via.

The parable proclaims, “…Via was the runt of the litter, a tiny emerald being who was somewhat reserved. She preferred to lose herself in nature than participate in humanity’s evolution. Carefree and free-spirited, she began a journey around the globe, with each step sprouting lush vegetation. From her love for the world and life, innumerable creatures were born, from the smallest to the most majestic mammals, all living in harmony.

To escape the loneliness, she took as a companion a small monkey named Hapee. Together they met many aboriginal peoples and nomads. She taught them the secrets of agriculture, making the aridest lands fertile as never before. She observed humans, they fascinated her, but a strange feeling of fear never left her. They are so volatile, so complex. How to distinguish good from the bad? All these questions bothered her, and the answers she received raised other questions without response.

She eventually realized that people and their mentality are unique and that not everything is black or white. She felt alone among all this monotony surrounding her. Via decided to end her journey here on earth and join her brother Kri to share the memories she gained…”

The Goddess Via is therefore associated with nature, life, and philosophy. She is an empathetic and helpful creature. Her journey around the world was strewn with reflection and interaction with people. We must devote ourselves to reading the entire book to learn more about her story and her powerful siblings. As the book is renewed, we will reveal the following chapters.

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3D NFT Multiverse MMORPG Web Game On Blockchains - A new innovative Play to Earn experience —